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Thread: Meet The World

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    Meet The World

    I posted this in a TDL thread the other day and Im seeing if anyone can help me here. for the reason that Meet The World was going to be put into EPCOT Center.

    So I am trying to find out more about Meet The World, and I saw Martin's video on Epcot's Japan Pavilion. The video featured Richard & Robert Singing "Meet The World". Unfortunately, the recording faded out about halfway through. I have searched the internet endlessly and am unable to find any english recordings of this beautiful song. Does anyone know where I can view/hear/download this song in full.

    Martin's video link - Japan at EPCOT – Ultimate Tribute - Martin's Videos
    song starts at 10:38 and ends at 12:07

    Thank You


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    Re: Meet The World

    Oh gosh, I'm sorry to say but I really don't think I've heard the full English version myself, but I'd really love to. If anyone might know how to find it...?

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    Re: Meet The World

    I think there are a few clips on YouTube.
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    Re: Meet The World

    I doubt there is any official English recording. I do wonder if they ever made it that far with the conversion to the Japan Pavillion.

    EDIT: Scratch that last part... they obviously did record and English version. I guess the one in the actual show is the only version, no doubt a copy exists deep in the Disney Vault.
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    Re: Meet The World

    I have a copy of the English soundtrack--it was available on headphones if you sat in the last row of the theater.

    I love Japan, but they have yet to come to terms with the abominable and ruthless way they tried to take over part of the planet in World War II. Meet the World tells the story of Admiral Perry's forced opening of Japan after 300 years of isolation, however in the most tepid way possible. It also completely skips over Japanese imperialism in the middle of the 20th century in a way that Americans would have found incredibly offensive. That it took the Walt Disney Company so long to figure this out, to the point where they almost built the thing in the Japanese pavillion at Epcot, is amazing to me. You can't imagine the stink that would have come from veteran's groups.

    Not only that, Meet the World was not entirely successful in its technology. It attempted to mix part of the Carousel of Progress with animation projected onto scrims and the effect of the animation immediately beside pretty stiff AA figures didn't look right.

    It did not draw large crowds at Tokyo Disneyland once the park began to expand and offered guests other ways to spend their time. In this way, it's most analogous to The Hall of the Presidents, which is a place people go to rest their feet. And I like Hall of the Presidents--it's certainly (particularly with its most recent upgrade) an excellent attraction. But people really don't want a history lesson while they're on vacation, which is why it, and The American Adventure, are rarely more than half full. Ditto for Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln at Disneyland--a terrific show right now, but even its small theater is rarely more than half full.
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    Re: Meet The World

    I do not know how complete it is, but I recall the song being included in one of the few episodes of the Progress City Radio Hour podcast.

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