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    Hotel Choice and length of stay

    So it looks like we are headed out to WDW in Nov '14, our boys will be 3.5 years old and 1 year old. In terms of lodging, we want to stay at a Disney Resort for the convenience and fun. I am thinking about using David's vacation club rentals to buy points for a Villa rental. Has anyone done this? Is it better to just book directly from Disney? The idea of a full kitchen seems nice and we want the separate bedroom so we can relax once the kids are asleep. If we go the David route we need to start the process ASAP. We are leaning towards either the Grand Floridian villas, AK villas or Wilderness lodge villas...any opinions as to which is preferable? Is any one more young-child friendly? Am I not considering a resort that I should be considering?

    Also, given the young age of our children, we are thinking about skipping Universal and MGM...thoughts? Will 4 full days at the parks be enough assuming we go to the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot and Disney Hollywood? Should we skip one, or add another given the age of our boys? Do we need more than one day for any of them?

    A lot of questions, I know. I like to be thorough when planning vacations. Thanks in advance for the help and I promise to pay the information forward once I'm an expert ;-)


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    Re: Hotel Choice and length of stay

    I've never stayed at any vacation club, but my experience is everywhere in the resort is family friendly. I have visited with children the same age as yours, and pacing is key. Just be sure to take things at their pace and you'll be okay. Sometimes just allowing a nap in the stroller for an hour while you sit on a bench and people watch is enough. Personally, I have never been to Universal, so I'm in the camp that says to miss it. Don't forget that each park has a baby center that can come in handy.

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    Re: Hotel Choice and length of stay

    You only need half a day at Animal Kingdom. So you can use the later half of the day revisiting one of the three parks.

    I say either Wilderness or AK villas will be kid friendly.
    If DVC doesn't work out try getting a suite at Art of Animation or All Star Music. Both are also kid friendly and come with a kitchenette. Plus you get separate rooms and bathrooms.

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    Re: Hotel Choice and length of stay

    If you buy points it will be cheaper.

    AKV is really nice for kids as you can see animals from the room. The Yatch Club has a great pool area but I doubt you will be swimming much on a short trip. Bay Lakes Tower at the Contemporary should also be considered. I would not suggest the Floridian.

    I would try for a day in each parks. They have tons for young kids. Lots of shows to enjoy.
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