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    First Walt Disney World trip!?

    Hello everyone,
    I am from the west coast and have been to Disneyland countless number of times. I was just surprised by my parents and my sisters with a trip to Disney World for the first time for my graduation! There will be five of us going and we will be in the parks for 5 days with a park hopper for each day. My main question is how we should organize our time there, what are must sees and what can we possibly skip or what is very similar to Disneyland? We are staying at the Contemporary Resort. Is this a good hotel? Also what is a good place for a nice dinner, we want to go out for a nice dinner one of the night's we are there and since we have never been there we don't know the restaurants. Thank so much cannot wait

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    Re: First Walt Disney World trip!?

    Hey DisneyGeek1,

    Although a lot of rides and attractions at WDW are similar to their West Coast counterparts, its still interesting to go on to be able to compare. For example, WDW's Small World is shorter in Florida, but its flooded sets make for a better-themed experience IMO. The rides that are better in Florida are:

    Haunted Mansion, Small World, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Astro Orbiters, Jungle Cruise, Pooh, The Little Mermaid, Tower of Terror, and Midway Mania.

    Also be sure to check out Rockin Roller Coaster and Expedition Everest, superior counterparts to Screamin and the Matterhorn, respectively.

    Some rides completely unique to the World, such as the Kilimjaro Safaris at Animal Kingdom (truly feels like an African safari tour), The Great Movie Ride at Hollywood Studios (the greatest Disney dark ride ever IMO), Monsters Inc Laugh Floor, Dinosaur (same ride system as Indy but fun, different theme), and Test Track (a less-themed use of RSR's technology but still worth checking out...its the fastest Disney ride ever).

    Also youll want to see stuff that have since been torn out of DL...the Country Bear Jamboree, the Peoplemover, and Carousel of Progress.

    As far as Parkhopping goes, it may be difficult since FP+ now limits you to 3 FPs in one park per day, but its ok, because each park xan easily fill up a wole day; one of the major things that separates WDW from DL is its non-ride attractions. Animal Kingdom, for instance, is the most photogenic, detailed, immersive theme park in the Western hemisphere (second only to Tokyo DisneySea)...take the time to walk the animal trails and absorb all the details. Epcot is also a very unique park, in which you can spend a day alone walking through the country-themed pavilions of World Showcase. The theming is amazing, and it offers some of the most unique collection of shopping and dining anywhere, which leads me to your dinner.

    Every park and luxury hotel has a great restaurant, but Epcot definitely has the most unique lineup. Each country serves authentic food...I highly recommend France, Germany, Mexico, Italy, or Canada, but you truly cannot go wrong no matter where you go. If youre wanting something more American and in a different park, try 50's Prime Time Cafe or Sci-Fi Drive In at Hollywood Studios...they are two of the most uniquely-themed restaurants Ive ever been to. Ive also heard great things about MK's Be Our Guest, but never actually been there. I can vouch for MK's Liberty Tree, though, a great family-style restaurant. Also, in your own hotel is Chef Mickeys, a very satisfying buffet, and California Grill, which has slipped in quality over the years but still offers a bit fancier food and great views of the Magic Kingdom.

    And the Contemporary is a very nice hotel. Its proximity to the Magic Kingdom is a huge perk, and it offers great views of either the park or Bay Lake. It also has its own monorail stop which is great. The rooms are well-done and the amenities are solid. Youll have a great stay!

    Ive only scratched the surface of all the things the World has to offer. There are also 2 waterparks and a superior Downtown Disney area. The Contemporary also offers watercraft rentals, in case you decide to take a day off from the parks--nothing quite like parasailing while looking at Cinderella Castle. I hope you have a great time and if you have any more questions let me know!
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    Re: First Walt Disney World trip!?

    If you park hop.. my suggestion would to make your FP selections for the 2nd park.. It is easier to get on rides in the morning than it is later at night. For example if HS is your 2nd park and you used your FP at the first park and you want to go on Toy Story.. you wil be waiting at least 90 min to get on it.

    If you want a good meal outside of the Contemporary and you like seafood. My suggestion is Fulton's Crab House.. I love that place. My wife and I first tried it on our honeymoon 10 years ago and we have made it a staple on every trip since.
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