We were all ready and downstairs in the reception by 7.05. There were a couple of other people waiting but not that many and we just stood outside waiting. The bus arrived exactly on time and we got on and hauled our cases on. We then had an entertaining couple of minutes of Dh endeavouring to haul the luggage onto the top ledge and as we had Minnie and Mickey clipped on he tucked them in so they wouldn’t get trampled I was like “we can’t crush Minnie! ” A twosome of females on the coach behind us chucked at the sight of Minnie peeking out behind the ledge and I got the giggles and took a photograph

The coach took off and we were finally on our way to the airport! We halted at the South Terminal first and were a bit surprised when everyone else got off, somewhat unnerving! We then had our own personal shuttle to the North Terminal! We thanked the driver, got off the coach and made our way to the terminal and through to the BA check in bit. Now this was a bit of a faff origin we had to publish our boarding passes and weren’t certain where to proceed as the form said something about if you already had printed them but luckily a very pleasant man came over to help us and sorted it all out for us He had to try quite a couple of times to print them and I was getting nervous afresh but it was all fine, we dropped off our cases (both weighed a fair bit under the limit phew!) and went through to security. I had put all my fluids into a bag that my Mum gave me but the guy at the start of the line gave me a lesser one so I utilised that. Neither of us beeped so that was all good and then we were eventually in the departure lounge! It was 8am by this time so we’d got through actually quickly and had a good 3 hours til we flew! We went around and looked in every shop

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