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    Cinderella's castle moat draining

    Hi - I have read that they are draining the moat around Cinderella's castle and that work around the hub will take about 18 months to complete. Can anyone tell me does that mean the moat will be empty for 18 months or should that be filled up again after they finish cleaning it within a few months. Reason I ask is that we are coming over from New Zealand for our first ever visit towards the end of the year and it just looks so picturesque with the water in the moats surrounding the castle and I was really wanting to get some pretty photos. Anyone's advice would be much appreciated.

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    Re: Cinderella's castle moat draining

    Nobody really knows.

    They may just be drained for a while to get some of the work done. Then can refill while getting the rest of the work done.
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    Re: Cinderella's castle moat draining

    Sometimes they will dam up the areas that need to be drained. Right now it looks like it will be drained for a significant amount of time sine there will be a lot of changes to the lower portions of the moat.
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