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    Reddit thread providing more opinions on MyMagic+ (The good, bad, and ugly)

    A link to the Reddit thread.

    So I was browsing Reddit today when I came across a picture and subsequent thread about MyMagic+ and I found it rather interesting. If I can assume, most, if not all, the people speaking in the thread are just normal park goers who have experienced MyMagic+ bands, or are wanting to experience the bands. So some of the commentary differs from the normal fare you'd see on places like MiceChat, where everyone views everything through a Disney Parks fan's eyes.

    So if you're looking to see another side to the MyMagic+ ordeal, I suggest you check out the Reddit Thread.

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    Re: Reddit thread providing more opinions on MyMagic+ (The good, bad, and ugly)

    Thanks for posting this! I love Reddit, and its interesting to see your Average Joe's perception/perspective when it comes to the MagicBands/Fastpass+. Everyone on MC tends to be overwhelmingly negative about the whole thing (I actually think its quite innovative and guest-oriented, which is a step in the right direction for Disney), but many people of Reddit seem quite interested and/or excited about the idea. Just goes to show you that the views represented by the die-hard Disney fans on MC don't really reflect the real-world. It's great that so many average guests had positive experiences with the Magic Bands. Can't wait to use mine this coming June!

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    Re: Reddit thread providing more opinions on MyMagic+ (The good, bad, and ugly)

    And remember, these average joes are the target demographic. Not us. And if they're enjoying it, then that's good news. I've enjoyed what I've used of it so far.

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