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    Walt Disney Face Character facial Requirements

    Hey guys!

    So I don't know why anyone has not made a thread like so before, but I decided to compile a list of the basic run through facial features seen most common in the face characters. My cousin does work in the casting department for WDW but will not give up the goods on what they actually are, except for two (Megara/Vidia have the same face. Who knew?) Feel free to add and provide pictures! NOTE: Please do not take any offense to my observations. In no way am I trying to be rude or anything of the sort, it's just what I see.

    Rapunzel: Basic run through for Rapunzel is a long, oval face. Eyes are kinda shaped like a tear drop usually, and top lip is slightly thin. When smiling, the chin is a prominent feature. Nose isn't "pugish" per say, but reminds me of Aurora's common nose.
    *I attached a photo of what I'd call the most common Rapunzel face, aka what they'd usually look for when choosing a rapunzel. I also snagged a picture from Instagram of two Rapunzels side by side*


    Have a great easter!
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