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    Return our Adventurers Club [part 2]

    The original thread on this subject was closed, so here's a part 2:

    When the rendering of “The Hangar” – a facility at the under-construction Disney Springs - was posted on the construction walls a little while ago, I was reminded of the glow that master WDI artist Bryan Jowers gave to many of his paintings, which were often set in exotic times and places. This got me thinking: what if a retail/dining/entertainment center like The Landing at Disney Springs had a distinctive theme, that of pulp adventure. One of the buildings on the Springs model caught my attention when I first saw it:

    The four very tall chimneys give the building a distinctive Victorian look and my mind immediately went to what was once adjacent to this site: The Adventurers Club – the crown jewel of Pleasure Island and one of the coolest entertainment venues ever built at WDW (or anywhere), filled with incredible theme-ing, details, special effects and populated by an eccentric cast of characters.

    This Four-Chimney Building looks to me like a good placeholder for a new Adventurers Club Headquarters, so I set about creating the piece of media below. I saved myself a lot of time by painting over the official Mystic Manor portrait (I think it was by Chris Turner) to show a view of what I imagined as a the dilapidated Clubhouse. Then I painted in one of the Club Members (I believe it was ichthyologist Otis T. Wren who wore the white suit and red fez) surveying the Club’s new acquisition.

    This has been my contribution to the cause of resurrecting the Adventurers Club.
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    Re: Return our Adventurers Club [part 2]

    Oh that'd be a perfect home for the Adventurers!

    I can see Graves standing on that verandah shouting out for new members to join.

    "We're not trying to entertain the critics ... I'll take my chances with the public." -
    Walt Disney

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    Re: Return our Adventurers Club [part 2]

    Me likey
    Waiting for Godot

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