Kungaloosh Adventurers,

While the rumors continue to fly about what is going to become of 5189 Hill St. on Merriweather Adam Pleasure's Island, the Adventures in Charity, the annual Adventurers Club reunion show, will be returning Saturday, September 27, to the Holiday Inn Lake Buena Vista. Join over a dozen performers from the Club as they present a night of original live comedy for a few good causes. Word is that a great mix of returning stars from last year will be joined by fan-favorite actors new to the event. The website is live at Adventures In Charity - Home! Tickets start at just $25, with all proceeds go to charities selected by the actors. If you have not heard of this fantastic event, check out some of the photos from last year!

The show began with the entrance of the evenings performers: Karl Anthony, Joy Anderson Bowes, Phil Card, John Connon, Mindy Walley Dietterick, Glenn Gover, Philip Nolen, Eric Pinder, Joe Reed, Sheila Smith Ward and Jennifer Warren in a rousing return of “The Happy Wanderer”.

All this madness was lead by the Emcee of the evening Graham Murphy

and due to contractual restrictions, Fingers Zambezi was unable to be our paranormal prodigy of the keys, so in his place we had his distant relation, Knuckles stood in and possessed the body of Jim Roberts as accompanist.

The night continued with each actor informing us of the good works that their charity of choice and then performed their favorite Club song! We were treated to such classics as, “Sushi-Yucky”, “Stuff Like That There”, “Sheik of Araby” “Mutual Admiration Society” and three new tales of heroism in this years “B Cup”! At the evenings end, a certain Mr. Pleasure appeared

after years of presumably being lost at sea to announce the winners of the silent auction and to inform us that we Adventurers In Charity had raised $9000 to be distributed to The Actors Fund, APOPA, The American Cancer Society, The American Diabetes Association, A Better Life Pet Rescue, The Dravet Foundation, The Garden Theatre, Harvest Time International, Haven of Hope AIDS Ministry!

This years event is shaping up to be even grander than last years. I hope I'll see you all at the Hoopla!