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    Lightbulb Dining during Extra Magic Hours

    A Disney Dining worker booked a Via Napoli reservation at Epcot for me and my soon-to-be-fiance at 9:15PM. The park is open from 9a-9p, but open for Extra Magic until 11p. I don't have extra magic hours. I have talked to 4 different people on the phone and at Via Napoli since then, and half of them say I won't have a problem if I just go to the restaurant at my reserved time and half of them have told me I can't have that reservation (even thought an employee booked it for me and said nothing about it).

    BUT, it has been booked and there are no other times available. Do the restaurants check to see if you have Extra Magic Hours and if so how? I will already be in the park early in the day, so I plan to just walk to the restaurant around 9 when Illuminations is happening. I have a reservation so there is a table reserved for us, and I really hope they don't deny me my seating/reservation when I get there because I don't have the Extra Magic Hours.

    Anybody ever dealt with something like this? It's a huge night for me... Thanks!

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    Re: Dining during Extra Magic Hours

    it should be fine, I don't see the problem with that. usually if its extra magic hours they only make checks for attractions, not dining or anything that would make them money.

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    Re: Dining during Extra Magic Hours

    We had the same thing with timing at the Sci-Fi dine in. We had a very late reservation. They didn't check for any magic hours, just checked us in. We enjoyed our dinner and when we left we were pretty much the only ones in the park. No one bothered us or tried to rush us out. It made for a fun night.

    Don't worry, your all set.

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