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Thread: wdw tickets

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    wdw tickets

    Tell me truthfully.

    Is there ANY place where I can get considerably discounted tickets to WDW?
    Undercovertourist has about 10$ off tickets. That is all my mom has found.

    Thank you

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    Re: wdw tickets

    That's about the best you're going to get from a legit ticket broker. is another legit discount ticket seller (they have a contract with the theme parks to sell tickets at a discount - I used them a few years ago to buy Universal tickets & they were great to do business with).

    You'll see things around the Orlando area advertising "FREE!" Disney tickets, but all it is, is getting roped into spending an entire day at a timeshare presentation and getting MAJORLY pressured to buy into it. There are some stands around the Orlando & Kissimmee area claiming to sell "Cheap" tickets, but it's a scam. They're just unused days on multi-day tickets that these people buy from unsuspecting tourists. DO NOT BUY THOSE. Disney admission is not transferable and if you get caught, you'll most likely be denied entry to the parks. Not worth the risk.

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    Re: wdw tickets

    Good advice from aimster. On other way to get a discount is if you are a current or retired member of the US military..

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    Re: wdw tickets

    Moderator Note:

    Folks, buying and using tickets you find on the internet may save you money, but the use of those tickets may violate Disney's terms of use for them, and you never know if you are dealing with an honest person or not.

    While we understand the desire to discuss this topic and we all want to get the best prices, we urge you to deal with Disney or a licensed ticket broker only. Since we are all about playing by the rules on MiceChat, this is a subject that we just don't discuss, because it invariably leads to posts extolling variations on reusing Disney tickets or other schemes. We also have had dozens of cases of folks showing up at the front gate of Disney theme parks with their "bargain" tickets and finding out that those tickets are not valid and that their hard-earned money was stolen by a phony service.

    Thanks for your understanding.

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