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    park audio questions,

    Hi Everyone,

    I am going to go to WDW in March for 3 days, I was wondering if anyone cast members included could suggest any ideas for audiotaping with a hand held cassete player with a built in mic. I am looking for ideas on where to be to get shows, attractions, etc.

    If anyone has any ideas, wants to talk and give suggestions, you can send me privete messages or on here,

    Talk soon,


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    Re: park audio questions,

    Man, this is a task for a good portable minidisc recorder/player. Ditch the cassette. Cassette players are clumsy, hissy, and record more of the plastic cassette player getting moved around than the audio source. You want 32bit digital audio at least. The other option is to use and ipod with one of the microphone accessories. But I'd definitely go with the minidisc.

    For best audio, get a cheaper shotgun mic or "camera" mic.

    You can find used minidisc recorders on ebay for less than $60, mics can be found on ebay or

    Why go through the trouble of recording with tape if it's only going to come out as poor quality audio with hissy tape noise? The point is to enjoy the audio right?

    Best of luck!

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    Re: park audio questions,

    thanks Taggart for the advice, hope to talk with you soon,


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