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    Re: Fantasmic! Canceled Last Night.

    Quote Originally Posted by danyoung
    I don't think there's anything inherently special about the transformation of the Frontierland area. Yeah, it's cool, but not that big a deal.
    That's because you wouldn't know magic if it landed on your head and turned you into a Texas-sized human sparkler (C'MON DO I REALLY NEED A SMILEY FOR THE SARCASTICALLY CHALLENGED?!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by WRDup
    Dont get me wrong. I think the show should be open everynight if possible. But when the mountain fell apart we were, initially, unsure of how long it would take to fix it. It wasnt until after i started the thread that we knew it could be fixed in one night and there would be no need to close the show for a longer period of time. I was thinking that if it was going to take 3 or 4 days to fix the mtn and 4 or 5 days to fix everything else then they should do it all at once (especially if they had a quality alternative, i.e. sorcery in the sky...). but since it was such and easy one-night fix i wouldnt expect them and would be shocked if they kept the show closed longer.

    btw... it makes me chuckle to think of how fortunate (and almost spoiled) i am everytime i hear someone say, "you live at wdw".
    Well you do! And you know it. Man I miss it. I should stop reading your blog. But I understand your thinking when you were working on this thread. I guess the only "acceptable" way or slightly is if Disney-MGM Studios played nighttime fireworks out by the "big blue hat" while they fixed FAN. That's all I can think of. That is, if it needs fixing. I'm glad to hear they got it fixed before Chris or anyone else had a heart attack. I'm also glad to hear you're still doing okay. You spoiled child, you!!

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    Re: Fantasmic! Canceled Last Night.

    I personally hate the mountain.. Mickeys way to high up, and way to far away when he's up there, it really actually makes the effect IMO not effective... also, the mountains down right ugly!

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