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    Re: I'm taking my first trip to WDW in May, had some questions.

    Quote Originally Posted by jawnjarvis
    What is so great about the Cinderella's Royal Table? I haven't heard much about it besides it's located on the "2nd story" of the castle.
    Is it a Character Dinning?
    Honestly, unless you have a five-year-old girl who must go ... nothing.

    Nothing at all.

    It's one of the most, if not the most, overhyped WDW experience.

    They took what was a good restaurant, although not nearly one of WDW's best, and ruined it by making it all VERY expensive character dining, all the time.

    I wouldn't waste my money on it, but then again I'm not the demo Disney is looking to hook.

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    Re: I'm taking my first trip to WDW in May, had some questions.

    Quote Originally Posted by JiminyCricketFan
    Epcot takes AT LEAST two days to do. Future world takes about 3/4 of a day and World Showcase takes more than a day to do.

    Disney Studios can take more than one day. There are mostly shows here, so you can miss out on several things because you did not plan ahead to see the shows.
    I agree with the advice on Epcot. Definitely needs two days to see properly and not rush.

    Don't agree about Disney-MGM, though. To me, it's by far the worst Disney park in the USA. There's very little there worth seeing for a first-timer unless they haven't been to DL/DCA. If they have, they can skip MuppetVision, Star Tours, Playhouse Disney and even ToT. RnRC is fun, but very overrated. Great Movie Ride is worth seeing just because it was the last AA extravaganza attraction ever built at WDW. Fantasmic is OK, but not as good as DL. My favorite attraction at the studios is the Brown Derby!

    Quote Originally Posted by JiminyCricketFan
    Don't miss the Adventure's Club in Downtown Disney. It is a blast of an evening!

    If you are a Disneyland frequent flier, then do only a half day at the Magic Kingdom. I prefer nighttime at MK. Don't miss Wishes. The fireworks are great! I might do a morning at the Animal Kingdom and then evening at the Magic Kingdom.
    I think even for a DL regular, the MK still should command a full day. But be prepared to be disappointed. While there is so much more space and wider walkways, there's also far less substance and attention to detail. Most attractions that are in both parks are vastly better in Anaheim.

    Quote Originally Posted by JiminyCricketFan
    AVOID parks that are doing Extra Magic hours that day. The crowds are much thicker. Even if you are staying at a Disney resort, it still works out to your favor to be at ANOTHER park that day.

    If you are staying at a Disney resort, make sure that you take some time to enjoy the resort. So many people rush off to parks everyday, but never just explore the treasures of were you are staying.

    Those are some things to consider.
    I agree about avoiding the EMH parks, but ONLY the morning ones. EMH's at night are great for night owls, or just for people who want to see and do all the major attractions in three hours because that opens up so much of the day for other things. At Epcot, for example, EMH last Friday night was great. Everyone waited for two attractions Soarin and Test Track. So if you had say a nice 7:30 dinner, followed by Illuminations you could then hit all the open attractions and right before midnight get in line for Soarin.
    The MK is even better. Last night, the park was open from 11p.m.-2 a.m. for resort guests. You can literally do all the major attractions there during that period.

    The advice about exploring the resorts is great advice. They are destinations in themselves and you could spend a day resort-hopping or say having lunch at the WL, rent a boat, rent bikes and ride to FW etc ...

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    Re: I'm taking my first trip to WDW in May, had some questions.

    How do I go about participating in the Dining Plan?

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