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    Re: POTC opens today!

    It may just be one attraction, but i know i freaked out when i heard it wasn't going to be open for my upcoming may trip. i could do without It's a Small World 2 years ago, but Pirates is a family favorite. i know it's just for refurb, but i'm still scarred from the years i showed up and there was no Magic Journeys, then no original Carousel of Progress (which is impossible to catch open even now)... Horizons... World of Motion... even Superstar TV... I know they'll never get rid of POTC, but even when they made it more P.C a couple years ago, it was "changed." Leave well enough alone.
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    Re: POTC opens today!

    Quote Originally Posted by danyoung
    Maybe that's all that's visible. But from what I understand, they've used the time to prepare the infrastructure for the new AA's and effects. So a lot of the work they've done just isn't visible as yet.
    exactly.. what we see is not everything... imagine what they did behind the scenes... or are going to do...

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    Re: POTC opens today!

    Quote Originally Posted by Hilsbro_Mclemington_III
    I wouls love to see them they involve the Ghost Busters by any chance??

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