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    2 year old at Teppanyaki?

    My wife and I always go to Teppanyaki in Japan at Epcot for our first dinner at Disney World. Well, we made reservations again this time, and realized, was that such a great idea because we now have a two year old. Anybody seen or taken a two year old to Teppanyaki? Was wondering how they dealt with the young kids and the stove top where they cook. Any information would be extremely helpful. Thanks,

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    Re: 2 year old at Teppanyaki?

    There is a distance from the chair to the cooking surface at any teppanyaki table. My kids have been going since they were young and they love it. I would prepare your child in case they do a "volcano" trick at the table. You should be able to call Disney Dining to see if this is something they do.

    Otherwise, I think your child will have a great time. My daughter loves the steamed edamame. She calls them peas.
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    Re: 2 year old at Teppanyaki?

    "Volcano" and "Mickey" are supposedly two required tricks there. There is a child's portion available of chicken I believe, but the menu may have changed. I think your child will be fine, just keep him or her far enough away from the grill... it's a pretty long distance anyway, so the only way he or she would be able to touch it would be basically to reach really far out, almost on top of the table. Unless he or she has really long arms. lol

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