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    Mickey Mouse Review video needed

    Hey! I VAGUELY remember seeing the Mickey Mouse Review in the 1970s as a child. I cannot find video of this attraction ANYWHERE online, not even the Tokyo Disneyland version! I've searched the internet up-and-down. No luck. Can ANYONE point me in the right direction?


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    Re: Mickey Mouse Review video needed

    You didn't search hard enough!!! But it's my pleasure to help...

    Go straight to TDR's Official site and scroll down, then click on the movie marker you see and wait for the video to download and play automatically... It's a 15 sec clip but it's more than nothing.

    Want more TDL ride videos?? Go here and click on "See video" buttons, and pay special attention to "Pooh's Hunny Hunt".

    Please NOTE: The music on these video clips are NOT the music from the actual rides and shows..

    You may also check for more videos from TDR, and for videos from Paris, Hong Kong and Tokyo. Happy viewings!!!

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    Re: Mickey Mouse Review video needed

    The Barry Bedford site has a couple videos of the Tokyo version. I downloaded both. Weird hearing everything in Japanese, but so cool to see that show in general again. Of course my biggest memory of MMR is when I first saw it in 1978 and I bellowed "MICKEY! MICKEY! DON'T GOOOO!" at the end (it was the first time 3 year old me had seen Mickey all day)... in the dead quiet theatre... which errupted into roars of laughter as a result (my poor parents wanted to die).

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