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    Ive noticed people taking Camelbak Water packs along, These can carry up to 100 oz of water. Sounds cool?
    The Reservoirs are replaceable and also washable.Some people freeze them with the cap off.
    They have 50 oz, 70oz, and 100 oz packs (real name bladders)
    The Water Bite valves are replaceable, the hose from the pack is also,
    It also makes you think more about drinking more. Also they have backapck versions for those who need to carry extra stuff (Baby items, purse items, food) Well built also.
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    Ice Station Cool's snow is no longer in use. It was never meant to be a permanent thing anyway. It was meant as a testing area for use of real snow in an attraction... You might say they perfected it there, and then took it to Animal Kingdom.

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    Whoa! Where's the snow at Animal Kingdom? I don't remember any snow... is it going to be on Everest or did i just totally miss it?

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    Bump in the hopes that Bill will tell us where there's snow in use at DAK.

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    I will tell you guys next week if the Ice Station is working, when I went last month it was still going strong. And by the condition of the LMC (Logan Motor Company for those peeps who have neverseen a ski resort) cat out front its been there for a while.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coastierox
    We usually just sneak thhrough the shops when we get to hot. Or find an indoor attraction.
    Same here. We would be nice and cooled off from one attraction, and then wait in line for the next. By the time we were getting "too hot" it was time to enter/ride the attraction.

    Being a native to Florida (18 years born and raised) I never really had a problem with getting over heated at WDW.

    I have this really nice Haunted Mansion T-Shirt I want to wear, but its black so I'm going to leave it home.

    My advice. Wear light clothing. White shirts etc. Wear clothes that breath well. Blue Jeans are not a good choice. (I may self have and will never wear shorts in my life except for swimming so it don't bother me much)

    Wearing a hat can be debated. It's a fact that heat is given off through the top of your head, so wearing a hat would trap the heat. However it helps keep the sun off your face. (maybe a visor would be good)

    Drink LOTS of water. Keeping hydrated is very important. Would be very embarrassing to be waiting in line for your favorite attraction and passing out just before you get in.

    Don't over exert yourself

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