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    Exclamation Magic Mornings/Evenings in the fall?

    Hey there, Hi there, Ho there...

    Just a question, as I was thinking (dreaming...) about my coming up Disney trip during the first week of October. Will the Extra hours of Magic (Morning and Night) be continuing into the fall and be available all year? I was greatly excited by what attractions I saw that would be open at night (after parks close) for Disney Resort guests. It seems that E-Ticket nights will now be at every park and not just the Magic Kingdom, which has me excited beyond belief. 5/10 mintue waits at Test Track for three hours after park close??!! My...brain...can't...handle...excitement!!!!

    So, does anyone know? Heard through the grapevine? Will these events be available through the entire year?

    Thanks everyone,
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    They are avaliable all year, but since they're free to resort guests, the wait times are a bit longer than when it was E-Ride Nights.

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    It is a GREAT addition. Tonight, for example, Epcot was open until midnight (but even day guests got an advantage because on EMN's they leave all of FW open until 9 instead of closing at 7 p.m.). The list of attractions open is pretty extensive. At Epcot it's all of FW (except Living Seas and Land, which will be included when it opens) plus Norway and Mexico. At MK, it's pretty much every attraction in the park with a few exceptions.

    Another good thing is they leave the food outlets open later too. Not just fast food either. For example at Epcot you can have a seating at San Angel Inn until 10. At MGM, 50s Prime Time and Sci-Fi Dine In Theater seat until 10 as well.

    Just a great bonus for those of us who won't be at the MK at 7:30 tomorrow morning!

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