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    I'm going to Disney World in 3 days!

    Hello fellow Micechaters.
    I am leaving for my first summer season trip to WDW in three days. I can't wait to get there, but I am worried about the crowd levels during the summer season. It is still very early in the summer months, but none the less it is going to be more crowded than I have ever experienced thus far. My other trips have been in November (very off season), but due to new complications, we can only go during summer. Anyone that has any advice for hot, crowded times at WDW, I would be glad to hear them. Expect a full trip report from me when I get back on the 19th!

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    Re: I'm going to Disney World in 3 days!

    The parks aren't that bad right now...of course a weekend will be more busy than weekdays. And actually it's not too unbearably hot yet. Just drink lots of water and wear sunscreen.

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    Re: I'm going to Disney World in 3 days!

    Awesome! I can't wait for the trip report.

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    Re: I'm going to Disney World in 3 days!

    Typically this early in June is still value season and not very crowded with the exception of gaydays weekend (the first weekend of June). So you should be avoiding huge crowds, but then again with the Happiest Celebration attendance has been higher when it typically is not.

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