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    Backstage at Saratoga Springs

    I'm with the New York Film Academy, and we were backstage at the Theater in the Saratoga Springs Resort. We saw what looked like old stage props. There were two Aladdin-looking swords and a giant spoon. The swords were especially cool 'cause they were made of hard rubber, so they were incredibly sturdy (me and another director had a battle) and safe, too. There was also a box full of Disney Pins that said "Disney Magic Music Days" on them, pinned to cards that said "Thank you for being part of the Magic!". I nicked one. I don't feel bad about it, since these were from back in 2000 and they'd probably just be thrown out or left to collect dust anyway.

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    Re: Backstage at Saratoga Springs

    The spoon is a prop from Beauty and The Beast: Live On Stage. They must use one there when they do workshops for Magic Music Days, teaching choreography from the show.

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    Re: Backstage at Saratoga Springs

    I think the swords were from the old Aladdin parade over at MGM.
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    Re: Backstage at Saratoga Springs

    We just got back from WDW and saw many in your group at Port Orleans Riverside! My daughter and I were wondering what all you all were doing on your trip. Sounds like you all are getting to do some fun stuff!

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