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    Re: It is time to close Indiana Jones!!

    Ah, but here is the beauty. Imagine all that merchandise and ride promotion Disney can push and put through and reap profits on when IJ fever is high again all on a movie they didn't have to pay 1 cent towards. That is a nice deal.
    There's exactly my point (I was just showing that IJ is just as much competition as a movie from any other studio). What I have been saying all along is that IJ is popular & will remain popular for the foreseeable future. Why replace a popular show that has been running for over 16 years with good crowds with something that has just premiered 2 years ago (again talking about the movie)?
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    Re: It is time to close Indiana Jones!!

    I agree about not replacing it (see my quote) on page one...but as for competing with it's own films...its just extra cash for Disney. Even if it is a Paramount film that might kick the pants off whatever Disney movie is in theaters at the time.

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    Re: It is time to close Indiana Jones!!

    I don't know about most of you but I am not holding my breath for indy4.

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