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    Red Face Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide 2006


    Has anyone actually bought this ebook, and if so it is as good as it claims to be? Please give me as much feedback as you can,



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    Post Re: Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide 2006

    I have been looking into this e-book and was disappointed no one had replied to your question. Since you posted your question in July I was wondering if you had gone ahead and purchased the e-book by now and if so what did you think of it? With Disney prices going up again recently, any way to save money would be great, but the price of this e-book seems a little steep. Please let me know if you went ahead and purchased it and/or ever talked to anyone who had. Thanks a lot! LisaH

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    Re: Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide 2006

    Maybe one of the Mods can move this to the WDW forum... might get better responses there.

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    Re: Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide 2006

    The e-book was marked down to $19.95 when I checked recently. I did go ahead and purchase it using PayPal. My order was promptly received and I had immediate access to the ebook. I might have had to open an e-mail w/ a link first, but I remember everything went smoothly and efficiently. I have read maybe 1/3 of the e-book. The biggest saving tip (I've read so far) is in the beginning when the author explains in-depth how to purchase DVC time from owners of points to get in a DVC club resort for a lot less than you would normally pay. However, the way I understand it, you mainly save 'thousands' if you don't include a Friday and Saturday night and your trip is relatively short in length. As we live in NJ we always go for well over a week and we don't want to have to switch hotels in the middle of our visit, so this tip does not seem as if it will work for us. It could be very valuable to others though and her explanation of how to do it was very thorough. Other tips about ticket purchasing I was already familiar with through reading other Disney sites on the web. So, so far, I don't feel we'll be saving money on our next trip through the purchase of this e-book, however as I said I'm only 1/3 of the way through the book. I'm not sure if the new price of $19.95 (previously listed as $29.95) is going to stay or I happened to check out the site at a sale time.

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    Re: Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide 2006

    Hi! I noticed this thread and I thought I'd chime in. I've read this ebook - its very detailed with a lot of information. Its only drawback is that it is VERY dry and boring.

    I've also read the Unofficial Guide to WDW, MouseCents, and a few other no name authors that I can't recall. The 3 mentioned were the best resources I've found.

    The Unofficial Guide is not really a savings guide - its more a general info book. Its over 800 pages long with details and maps on everything. Its good for figuring out where to stay and what's in the area.

    MouseCents is an ebook and a members only website. That one was more fun to read, had lots of pictures, and is aimed at saving money and time.

    The Ultimate Guide is an ebook and is aimed primarly at new Disney goers, but it does offer a little info to those of us that have done our homework.

    I'm a total Disney nut and go on vaca there every chance I get. So, I look for this kind of stuff, just in case I missed something. Some times a little tip means several hundred bucks. From the tip I got from MouseCents, I saved over $1000 on the room alone. I used DVC points, like someone already said.

    The thing with DVC points is complicated, and if you stay for the week, its still cheaper than paying rack rate on a Deluxe Disney Resort. The weekends do add a bit to your bill, but they sure dont cancel out the whole thing.

    The other things I learned from MouseCents and Ultimate Guide is how to use the system to your advantage. Both focus on different areas, so they werent too redundant. An example would be with the old ticket system (which has changed) but you used to be able to buy a pass and add days onto it during your next trip. That saved my family over $3K over 3-4 trips, because I only paid the price difference...which was about $10 per ticket. That tip doesnt work anymore b/c of the new pass system. But its stuff like that, that I'm willing to pay for in these ebooks.

    Anyway - Ultimate Guide is here and MouseCents is here and Unofficial Guide is here. Just in case you're wondering what this thread was about...

    I'm planning my next trip for winter 2007. I wish the hard copy books allowed you to purchase updates or something. I have 3 different years sitting here. At least the ebooks dont take up space. Good luck!

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