August 23rd marks the 80th anniversary of Rudolph Valentino's death; I thought it fitting to point out a bit of park trivia I'm not sure anyone's familiar with...

WDW's Disney/MGM Studios park: in Keystone Clothiers, there are two identical statues flanking the sales counter. They are replicas of a statue called "Aspiration" erected in the memory of Rudolph Valentino. See picture below, the inset is the original how it looks today in Hollywood's De Longpre park at 1350 N. Cherokee Avenue at De Longpre Avenue.

The statue itself has an interesting history. Erected May 6, 1930, the statue was vandalized and stolen so much over the years, the city eventually stored it away. During one of its disappearances, a mould was taken and replicas sold (this is probably how WDI acquired it). "Rediscovered" in a warehouse a few years back, it was returned -to quote "to spend eternity in a sh#tty little crack ho park."

Another tidbit... I had a friend who owned a replica of "Apsiration". On a cross country move, he went a little loopy, drove the U-Haul off the highway into the desert and unloaded it, then drove away leaving most of his belongings behind. Among those belongings is "Aspiration".

So if you're ever in the real Hollywood, or a few miles off the highway somewhere in the middle of the Nevada/Arizona desert, stop by and pay your repsects.