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    Re: What do ya'll think about Port Orleans - Riverside?

    Quote Originally Posted by Loomis View Post
    How easy is it to get to the parks from there? In particular, MGM and AK? Would anybody recommend this for convenience, or more for the design?
    This resort is a bit out of the way from the parks, but Downtown Disney is really convenient. It was nice to get home from the parks and then take the boat to Downtown Disney to finish the night (since the parks closed so early). I think any resort takes a while to commute to AK except for AKL. The Contemporary is nice since it's on the Monorail loop to MK and you can transfer to Epcot. I like the convenience of the Polynesian most though, where you can walk straight to the Epcot Monorail or take the Resort Monorail to MK. Then you are just left with busses for AK and MGM, which you almost always have to take busses to anyway.

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    Re: What do ya'll think about Port Orleans - Riverside?

    I'm pretty sure the waterway the Port Orleans is on only goes past the French Quarter, the old Tree Houses, Old Key West, Saratoga Springs, and ends at Downtown Disney.
    That's correct. You can rent boats at the Magic Kingdom area hotels (Contemporary, Poly, GF, Wilderness Lodge) and putter right up to the Magic Kingdom. But the boats you rent at Riverside will only take you to down a channel and out around Downtown Disney. Still a pretty cool boat ride, though!

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    PO French Quarter transportation is alittle better then Riverside. Reason being, 1st pick up 1st drop off. Once your picked up at French Quarter the bus goes to at least 3 maybe 4 (don't remember) stops at Riverside. I saw many unhappy people at Riverside. If your on the 2nd stop and on you might just have to wait awhile.

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    Re: What do ya'll think about Port Orleans - Riverside?

    Nice pics, Revol. Port Orleans -- either side of it -- remains one of my very favorite Disney resorts (it was where we stayed this past April, in fact). I like the pool at Riverside (Old Man Island) a little better than the jazz-themed one at French Quarter, although I prefer the food court at French Quarter. Still, Boatwrights remains one of my favorite places in the World to eat, so I give the edge to Riverside, all things being equal. It's also a really nice place to just walk.

    As for the bus issue, I don't remember it being THAT much of a problem. We tended to board at the East Depot, though, which was one of the first POR stops, but never found it that crowded (my only complaint was that they never seemed to be running buses for Epcot!!)
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    Re: What do ya'll think about Port Orleans - Riverside?

    Quote Originally Posted by CowofDisney View Post
    Well as the topic implies, i am wondering what everyone think about Port Orleans - Riverside?
    It's my favorite moderate resort, although I insist on calling it Dixie Landings still

    The food court is good by Disney hotel standards, and the full-service restaurant is oft-overlooked but good as well. The pools are nice, and the theming is great. Enjoy the trip!

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