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    Sad Bye Bye Different Birthday Buttons...

    Its official, as of today ALL Birthday button's in all 4 parks are now the same... This was confirmed to me by a CM in Guest Services at the MK when we asked for a Button for my daughter who had the exact same button already from the resort and Epcot earlier in the day... So I guess the old buttons are now collector's items....
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    Re: Bye Bye Different Birthday Buttons...

    Good thing I got my Epcot button a couple years ago then and my Downtown Disney one back in Sugust.

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    Re: Bye Bye Different Birthday Buttons...

    Is it a "DisneyParks" button so that we can use it at all of the DisneyParks!? One can only hope! [/sarcasm]

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    Re: Bye Bye Different Birthday Buttons...

    good thing i have 2 MK buttons, and one EP-ity-COT button...

    missing my AK button... Darn!

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    Re: Bye Bye Different Birthday Buttons...

    That is kind of sad - but when guests get them ALL just because it's kind of sad. I had an Ep-icty-cot birthday and that button was cute. Boo!

    Very sad that Walt Disney World gets rid of birthday buttons on it's OWN 35th birthday!

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