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    WDW College Program: Cast Member Blog

    OK so here it goes. From Jan - May this year I participated in the WDW College Program. It was an amazing experience. While I was there I documented my struggles and discoveries, the good times and the bad in a weekly blog. Follow me on my journey each week as I learn and grow and experience all the wonderful things the WDW CP has to offer. I worked in Operations at the Disney/MGM Studios. My specific role was PAC/Fantasmic! We basically entertained the crowds and played witht he kids while they waited for the Disney Stars and Motorcars Parade. I even spent some time at Disney's Wide World of Sports during the Atlanta Braves Spring Training and the World Baseball Classic. And I did it all without getting into too much trouble.

    Theres pictures and you can even leave comments after each entry. I hope you enjoy.

    Walt Disney World College Program: Day 1
    "So in a rush I said goodbye. Im not very good with long drawn out farewells so it was better that I was running late. This way I was able to avoid head-butting the emotion of the rather spontaneous decision I had made"... read more.

    WDW College Program: Week 1 - "What Happened?"
    "I rose early on Tuesday morning still in a groggy haze. The Thai man sleeping across from me confirmed that I was indeed, still in Florida... or at least not at home in my own bed! My destination: the Housing Welcome Orientation. This was a 3 hour meeting which basically boiled down to, 'send all your bongs, drugs'..." read more.

    WDW College Program: Week 2 - "Alienation"
    "Its not that I cant meet people. Cause I have meet a lot of people. I just haven’t become friends with any of them. I feel up-tight and closed-off. Its like for some reason I’ve put up this wall that keeping me in and others out..." read more.

    WDW College Program: Week 3/4 - "Photo Update"
    "Hey everyone! Time flies... & I know its been a while since I’ve updated you as to the happenings around Walt Disney World so sit back and enjoy the picture blog I’ve prepared for you..." read more.

    WDW College Program: Week 5/6 - "An Old War"
    "Lets go back. We had a problem with this guy right off the bat. He’s one of those guys that when you meet them, you don’t know why, but you just want to kick him in the shins. He gave us a vibe that said 'Hi, Im a jerk, please kick me in the shin'..." read more.

    WDW College Program: Week 7 - "Spring Training"
    "I had high hopes and eager ambitions about my new assignment tending to the Atlanta Braves while they partook in Spring Training at Walt Disney World. I was genuinely excited..." read more.

    WDW College Program: Week 8 - "America's Pastime"
    "With all this action there could be thousands of visitors in the sports complex at once. On game days that number is more than doubled because the Ballpark holds an additional 10,000 patrons..." read more.

    WDW College Program: Week 9/10 - "Elevator Action"
    "Fans who didn’t know each other came together and cheered in unison. On this day they were friends. It seemed everyone had brought an instrument (must be a Latin American thing). Between innings and during plays of exceptional action..." read more.

    WDW College Program: Week 11 - "LAX to MCO"
    "I had spent the morning of March 28th running around town picking up some last minute things before heading over to Disney’s All-Star Music Resort. Over zealous about the amount of errands I could run before I needed to leave and living up to my own stereotype, I fell behind schedule and was running late..." read more.

    WDW College Program: Week 12 - "Back in Action"
    "Im not exactly sure what happened while I was serving my time at Disney’s Wide World of Sports but when I returned the air was lighter; easier to breathe. There seemed to have been a transformation; a reconciliation of passed events of which I could not account..." read more.

    WDW College Program: Week 13 - "Photo Update"
    "Good thing for you I am sensitive, as a writer, to the needs of my rabid fans. After all, if it weren’t for you where would I be? You can relax a little today. This weeks blog is nothing deep or boring, just good ol’ fashioned (digital) photography. And if you find pictures boring... well then... you can just go somewhere else..." read more.

    WDW College Program: Week 14 - "Hogwarts or Vista Way"
    "As I near the end of following Harry Potter through his sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry I can’t help but draw unusually strange parallels between Harrys life at Hogwarts and my own style of living here at Vista Way..." read more.

    WDW College Program: Week 15/16 - "Grad Nite"
    "I had gone to the McDonald’s at Crossroads for some Chicken Mc Nuggets when the air conditioning of the restaurant sped-up the time on the watch I was wearing while at the same time my full belly seemed to stretch the length of road I had to walk to get back to Vista Way before the “E” bus left for..." read more.

    WDW College Program: Week 17 - "Graduation"
    "With “Grad Nite” gloriously behind us its only fitting that we attend some sort of graduation ceremony. The following is an account of Disney’s version of a “thanks for your time/graduation. Now go home” picnic-thingy..." read more.

    WDW College Program: Week 18 - "Star Wars Weekend"
    "As illustrated above the combination of two great things, ideas or people can create a tour de force so dominate that none dare to oppose. I mean really, when was the last time you were offered a “spork” and opted instead for a singular fork or spoon?..." read more.

    WDW College Program: Week 19 - "Hasta la Vista Way"
    Blog in process. Check back soon...
    "There's no off position on the genius switch"


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    Nice site !!!

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