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    Nemo & Friends song

    Hey everyone.. I finally got to go on Nemo & Friends yesterday and was wondering if anyone knew if the song at the end of the ride had a name, or if I could download it anywhere. I've searched online for it and couldn't find anything so I'm thinking that there may not be anything, but I just decided to check with ya'll anyways. I've read in a couple of places that people find the song annoying, but I personally love it and could probbbbbabbblllyyy listen to it for a longgg time haha. If anyone could help me out, that'd be great! Thanks!

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    Re: Nemo & Friends song

    I think it's called "Big Blue World". It'll be in the Nemo show opening later this fall at AK.

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    Re: Nemo & Friends song

    It's Called Big Blue World I believe, can someone double check? and it was written for the animal kingdom stage show, which they previewed this song for press as an advertisement for the show.

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    Re: Nemo & Friends song

    Kevin Yee refers to it as "The Big Blue", but maybe he forgot to add the World name to it??

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