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    River Country Closed Permanently!!!!!


    River Country Closed Permanently

    Ending years of speculation, Disney announced officially today that the River Country water park at Fort Wilderness will remain closed permanently. There was no further word on what will be done with that piece of property.

    Could this be the site for the next park?????
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    in other news.. i heard the road signs have finally been removed.... I wonder when they will go up on ebay???

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    Wow... I'm amazed that they actually announced something. I expected them to leave us hanging for much longer than this.

    I guess the rumors of using it for guests at Fort Wilderness have been squelched?

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    River Country hasn't been advertised in over 3 years and was left out of park maps since about 2001.

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    A shame, though. I used to love the rustic TomSawyer-ish fun that could be had at River Country. Oh, and their water slides were smoother than anything later created for either Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach.

    The demise, long ago that it was, of River Country and Discovery Island makes the beautiful Wilderness Lodge far less desireable a property than it could have been.

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    It's too far away from the roads and too small to be a new park, I'm guessing that it'll be demolished to turned into more RV land / hotel.
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