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    Re: A simple idea for UOE...

    While I value the thought of trying to come up with an idea to save money and redo this attraction, it needs more than a revamp....gut it, I say. I've been on this thing 3 times, and each time I regret it right in the middle of the experience. The ride sytem is unique, but soooo slooooow. This pavilion has overstayed it's welcome. Buh-bye.

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    Re: A simple idea for UOE...

    I think that the idea of energy should be focused on what people can do in the here and now, aka, sustainable design. I think that the show should be rewritten and refocused to teach what current day people can do to make their ecological footprints lower and to show how they can be cradle-to-cradle consumers instead of cradle-to-grave consumers. Maybe a neat dark ride going through the processes of conservation and reuse would really be neat. By making it entertaining, Disney can educate a large proportion of people on what we are doing to the Earth and what we can do to help it's future.
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