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    Need help identifying and finding an old WDW commercial

    In the late 90s, when I went to The Disney Store all the time (for the Disney beanies, mostly), I used to see a WDW commercial played on their screen a lot. It covered almost all the aspects of the resort, and I'd love to find it again somehow because I really enjoyed it. I believe it was before Animal Kingdom opened (so maybe it was a 25th anniversary commercial?), and one part I definitely remember was them showing Body Wars. If I remember correctly, the music was instrumental. Thanks for any help!

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    Re: Need help identifying and finding an old WDW commercial

    May of the shorst that used to play in the Disney Stores in the early days were especially commisioned for use at the stores ONLY. I very much doubt you will be able to find such little advertizement gems online, unless some forward-thinking Disney fan saved them and stored them in a computer somewhere. But try "Ask Dave" from the Disney Vault.

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