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    ESPN The Weekend!!!

    Here's the situation. Next month I'll be getting married. We decided that for our honeymoon we'll do the 4 days at sea and 3 days on land. For the 3 days on land we had planned on going to AK, Epcot, and MK. It wasn't till about a week ago I found out that ESPN the weekend was going to take place at MGM Studios. I talked to the future DW about it and she says that it sounds like fun. I looked up the activities during the weekend but it really didn't give much detail besides the parades. Has anyone gone to it in past years? If so, did you enjoy it? Is it worth sacrificing a day at one of the other parks or just purchasing the park hopper option? Iíve been to the park during the Star War Celebration in í02, but thereís definitely going to be a lot more going on during the ESPN weekend.
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    Re: ESPN The Weekend!!!

    I just found out about this as well. I don't know anything about it, and the website isn't very informative, other than who will be attending. Do you have to get special tickets? Do you have to pay for autographs (stupid sports agents) like you do at the Pro Bowl events? Does anyone else have more information?

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    Re: ESPN The Weekend!!!

    it's included in the price no extra tickets but it will be very crowded. and I think they fast pass for autographs and if its anything like the soap weekend they go very fast.

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