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    Andy's Dec TR (late) Air Travel

    I decided to make this TR as a 3 part (was going to be 4 but I never got around to writing the Dining report)

    Air travel:

    We live in So. Cal, and not very close to LAX, but the only non-stop flight close was form LAX. We stayed Friday night at the Crown Plaza Hotel, at the special “Park and Fly” rate. A good deal, as a one night stay includes one weeks parking and shuttle transportation to and from the terminal.

    The reason I wanted a non-stop was because I wanted to take my travel scooter to help me get around the airports in both LA and Orlando. Our flight was at OMG 8:00 AM so we had to get up before anybody with any sense, way, way too early to be getting up and trying to function. We flew American Airlines and they were very “scooter friendly”. We checked our luggage at the ticket counter. For some reason, American doesn’t have curb-side check-in and since it was not locked we just left it at the ticket counter and they took care of it. We then went through security, Jenny had to go one way and me another because they had to “frisk” me and my scooter. Overall the LAX experience was not too bad.

    They took my scooter at the gate and then wheeled me down the Jet Way in a chair (ramps are very hard on my knees). On board the flight, they served (if you paid) either a muffin or turkey sandwich. Well, they said they had turkey sandwiches, but they ran out about 5 rows in front of us, and we were in row 15. Well, we ordered a muffin, not too bad for $2.00 each. The rest of the flight was uneventful. This was the first time I paid for 3 seats so we could have a little extra room. I like to fly first, but there were no cheap first class seats when I reserved, so I got 3 seats in coach instead. We may have had more room with the 3 seats in coach than 2 in first anyway. The only thing was maybe a little less leg room, but with 3 seats, I could put my legs anywhere so it may have been better after all. When we got to Orlando, we waited onboard until my scooter was ready, then went and picked it up on the Jet Way and off we went.

    On the way back, we checked in at Disney’s Old Key West Resort (we tried the Disney’s Magical Express this time, more about that later). When we got to the airport, we decided to use the facilities, (why do folks who do not need it and when there are vacant stalls go directly to the handicap stall leaving those who do need it with either waiting or very uncomfortably using a regular stall?) well, I had to try two restrooms before I could well, you know. After that we decided to get a burger, after all, a Burger King burger would most likely be better than anything that was available on the airplane. We checked in at the gate, and the Gate Agent asked if we were the folks in row 16, we said “yes” and she said she had a row closer to the front for us, very nice. They then took my scooter and as in LA used a chair to get me down the Jet Way. The flight was again comfortable as we had the 3 seats again. We had snacks that we brought from EPCOT, so we didn’t need any airline snacks. For snacks we had some of those wonderful sugar and cinnamon coated pecans and mixed nuts and a sweet pretzel from the bakery in the Norway pavilion.

    When we got to LAX, they had to wheel me up to the terminal as they had no way to get my scooter to the Jet Way. We decided to get one of those “Smart Carts”, as trying to ride my scooter and wheel a bunch of luggage is very difficult. Last stop, back to the hotel, to get the van, and off to home. Ugh, heavy freeway traffic during rush hour, took about an extra hour because of traffic.


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