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    The Kingdom Keepers

    Have any of you read this book based on WDW. it is sold in all parks i believe and it was the best book i have ever read. i give it 6 out of 5 stars it had an amazing plot and detailed story. any disney fan would love it. i read it in about three days but it would have been one because i was in wdw at the time. my brother also read it in one day. it is like 300 something pages of masterpiece. the story is about this boy Finn who is a disney interactive host (this new hologram thing) and whenever he falls asleep he "crosses over" into WDW (he lives in Orlando) also four other kids cross over too. at night all the rides and AA's come to life and they become evil. my description sounds corny but that is because the book is too good for words. so read it and you wont regret it

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    Re: The Kingdom Keepers

    I think you did a great job describing it. I'm a mom and I got it for my DD but it is still a bit above her reading level, so I read it. And since then I have recommended it a lot! It's a great read. There are some holes in the plot lines here and there that aren't explained very well, but they are easily overlooked by the rest of the story being so well written.

    I've really been turned on to reading Ridley Pearson's young adult stuff since he started co-writing with Dave Barry on the Peter Pan books (pre-quels to the story we all know and love). If you haven't read those and you like Peter Pan, I highly recommend them - except for the part about Tinker Bell. That part was weird to me. She has always been a fairy born from the first laugh of a child. Pearson/Barry take a different approach to her creation that still bugs me. Great book otherwise though.

    Funny thing - I love to read, but since having my son (he's nearly 3) I find less time to read a good long book. So, I've started ordering books from scholastic when my daughter brings home the catalog. She likes fantasy books so I stay mostly within that genre and order stuff that she'll read in a year or so - but in the meantime, I get to read them. That's how I ended up reading Corneila Funke (Dragon Rider) and she led me to lots of other great books too.

    That was a long response... I'll stop now.
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    Re: The Kingdom Keepers

    i also loved that book... I;m 21 and i loved it... haha... its always fun to read books that involve Disney...

    Another novel with WDW in it is called Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom... not as good as Kingdom Keepers, but still pretty good
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    Re: The Kingdom Keepers

    i am a 43 year old disney fantatic and my wife and i have both read the kingdom keepers and the peter pan prequels. highly recommmend them all.

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