Well folks, I totally botched it. I made plans to go to Walt Disney World and totally spaced that the Oscars are going to be on that Sunday night!

Can you say 'Gay Superbowl?'

I mean, really, what was I thinking. Watch the Oscars; go to the parks...decisions, decisions.

I'm looking at this way--it will be late February, so the parks tend to close early, so I could be fine there.

But I was wondering, are there any clubs or locations that might show it some where around the World? A nightclub in Pleasure Island perhaps? Any suggestions to keep the Disney part up while watching those Vera Wang gowns and Blanik shoes? Thank you Project Runway--now I actually know what these bloody things are!

I figured someone might know.

If not, I figure at the very least, we'll order the room service pizza. Is it any good?

Peace out!