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    Re: Pics from inside the Cinderella Castle suite

    Quote Originally Posted by TheDisneyInquisitor View Post
    Yeah, but those are just those 'oh well' type of situations. It's like if you win the castle prize but have a flight out later that night.....we'll it stinks, but thats the way it goes.
    Mikey, if I had a flight out and actually won, which will NEVER happen, I'd move the flight. Sometimes you have to change plans ... and I'd much rather change them due to something nice and unexpected, than due to something terrible and unexpected.

    Quote Originally Posted by TheDisneyInquisitor View Post
    You mean like
    -The Seas with Nemo & Friends
    -Finding Nemo - the Musical
    -Laugh Floor Comedy Club
    -Dream Along with Mickey
    -The Happily Ever After Pary
    -Woody's Cowboy Camp
    -Family Fun Day Parade
    -High School Musical Pep Rally (now showing at DMGM)
    -Finding Nemo Submarines
    -Rockin' Both Parks
    -Pirates & Princess Parties (which has such a cool firework display)
    Let's just stick to WDW, OK. Especially since you haven't even been to DL yet (yes, a shot! first of 2007!)

    The Seas is a C-Ticket (nice, yeah, but not special) that replaced an other attraction. It also has been open for 5-6 months now.

    Nemo: The Musical is absolutely an E-Ticket caliber show. Great addition, no doubt. Makes DAK better all the time.

    Laugh Floor is a troubled, misplaced attraction that won't open before late April right now. It is also in no way a major attraction.

    Dream Along With Mickey is a slightly improved version of the same castle drivel we've had for years at the MK. Fresh? Slightly.

    If I'm not mistaken, the rest of what you list are very minor entertainment offereings, mostly west coast based.

    Pirates and Princess Parties are an extra cost. They appear to be well done. But since the regular guest has to pay another $40 to attend, you can't place them into this.

    Quote Originally Posted by TheDisneyInquisitor View Post
    There aren't any mega e-ticket attractions, but aren't those quite a few "Fresh Experiences?" I count 4 new attractions, a new parade, a rockin' change on two attractions, and a whole bunch of shows. Now don't get me wrong, I really do want Epcot's 25th celebrated, and I do think there is still time (which is why I find it very odd that Epcot only got 57,125 dream fastpasses while every other WDW park got 95,970) but I also realize that this celebration has brought more than just marketing and prizes.
    There's almost nothing of substance as far as I'm concerned at WDW when you get past the two Nemo based attractions. Nothing.

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    Re: Pics from inside the Cinderella Castle suite

    awww... I love it. It's GORGEOUS!

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    Re: Pics from inside the Cinderella Castle suite

    Who would go to bed early? I'd be awake all night from sheer excitement

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    Re: Pics from inside the Cinderella Castle suite

    Quote Originally Posted by WDW1974 View Post
    As to the 'value' of a night in Cindy's, TWDC says it's worth $582.
    Yeah. Everyone was cracking up over that one.

    Normally the whole overnight package would have been tagged with something around $10,000 value or more. Normally this helps add to the Marketing hype, as in, "Look how much this prize is worth!!!" They've "highballed" the value in normal prize and contest situations in the past. At the expense of the prize winner's additional income taxes from their prize.

    But this time...because of the "Dream" aspect...Disney decided they were going to pay the Guest's additional income taxes on the that the Guest's "Dream" didn't turn into a "Nightmare" when the IRS came-a-knockin'. And they wanted to avoid any bad press those "Nightmare" stories would surely generate. A reporter's dream story! "Dream Turns To Nightmare For Houston Family."

    So wonder of wonders...what does Disney do this time? You guessed it. Because they will be paying the Guest's additional income taxes on the prize...they deliberately "lowballed" its value! $582. Yeah. Riiiiiight.

    They did the same thing at Disneyland with the Mickey Suite. Mickey's Suite was previously the "Penthouse Suite" at the Disneyland Hotel. They just changed the decor. But mysteriously...even though as the Penthouse Suite it rented from $1800 to $2300 a night...when it became the Mickey Suite...suddenly it was prize valued at $500!!! Amazing!

    I guarantee you that if either of these Suites go into public inventory after the Year Of A Million Fastpasses...that they will sell for a lot more than Disney claims they're "valued" today.

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