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    Top Luxury Attractions @ WDW

    Thought you might be interested in this article on Top Luxury Attractions at Disney World:

    Find this article at:

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    Re: Top Luxury Attractions @ WDW

    damn that room at Animal Kingdom is crazy nice...

    You know I always wondered what Walt would say if he was alive today, seeing all these ridiculous prices for rooms and whatnot...

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    Re: Top Luxury Attractions @ WDW

    hate to say it but it prob wouldn't be a big deal for Walt. I don't' remember what prices were like when we went as kids but prices all over are high and seem totally out of whack for a bed for the night.

    when we were on our way home last year we didn't pay less then $125 each night - not saying that they weren't there but the couple of places we checked out for 80 - 110 a night really sucked. you either pay a lower price and shutter at the thought of "are these sheets really clean" (which in one place they weren't and we turned right around and left) or you pay 25-50 more for a room that is cleaner, and the service is friendlier.

    The unfortunate thing is that Walt - just like any businesman wouldn't keep prices low just because he's Walt - he would have had increases maybe not as often but he'd still have done it.

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    Re: Top Luxury Attractions @ WDW

    when walt was alive, the disney company didn't own the DL hotel

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