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    Yay! Disney World Next Christmas!

    It's official! This next Christmas, my family and I are going to Walt Disney World! I know it's 11 months away, but we are excited just the same. We've only been twice before (1995 and 2000) so we are just beside ourselves when we made the official decision. The first time we went, we stayed at the Beach Club and loved it as we could walk to the then, Epcot Center and ride the boat to MGM Studios. The second time, we had a lower budget and we had to stay at the Grosvenor which I recommend everyone to completly AVOID. Even if you have a low budget, DON'T stay at this disgusting uncomfortable hotel. This time, we've decided to return to the Beach Club and stay in the Villas. Has anyone here stayed in the Villas? How are they?

    Hopefully by this trip I'll get Al Lutz's constant phrase of "that is outdated" from his trip report last Fall out of my head. He bashed everything on that report and I couldn't finish reading it. Does he even realize how hard it really is for anyone to afford a Disney World vacation? The fact that we're going next Christmas is nothing short of a miracle. And for him to come back from here, tell us how much this and that is outdated and how much he basically hates the place (that's what I got from his report) is selfish.

    Anyway, I'm excited because we'll get to see WDW during the Holidays. I bought Birnbaum's Walt Disney World Planning Guide 2007. I was glad to see it still lists Carousel of Progress as an operating attraction. I keep hearing the attraction is hanging on a thread so I hope that it is still open when we go. My parents loved that attraction when it was here in Disneyland and they were thrilled the first time we went to WDW to see it again. Has it been open? Is it still open?

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    Re: Yay! Disney World Next Christmas!

    Great to hear that you are going during the most wonderful time of the year. To nswer your question about the CoP, It is still fully operational as of now. I do not see it going anywhere soon.

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    Re: Yay! Disney World Next Christmas!

    My sister and her family left for WDW the day after Christmas and had a fantastic time! You're going to have fun, no matter what, and the park will be beautiful.

    I wanna go, too!
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