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    OK, all you WDW locals/frequenters, give me the skinny here. I'll be there in June, with my wife and her mother, who can walk, but only in short distances. I was trying to find out what the policy is for wheelchair guests and people with them, as far as lines. Are there wheelchair entrances? Do the people in wheelchairs go through that entrance, then wait for the people with them to go through the line? Do the people with them go through the wheelchair accessible line with them?

    WDW Guest relations mentioned something about a wristband that the people with the wheelchair bound folks get, but didn't explain very well what they do. This is my first time visiting the park in over 20 years, and my first time visiting any park with someone in a wheelchair, and want to know what to expect. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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    What you'll want to do is stop by Guest Relations at any theme park and get a Guest Assistance Card which will allow the wheel chair user and up to 5 other people go through the Standard Wheel Chair Entrance. At each attraction it will be different (ie. older attractions pre ADA requirements will have a true alternate entrance while newer attractions like Soaring have que lines that are large enough to fit wheelchairs), so present your GAC card to the greeter of the attraction and they will direct you where to go. Now this card does not get you front of the line access or anything but it will assist you in not having to go through small que lines with a wheel chair.

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    Hint.... IASW is through the exit..... Peter Pan actually has a wheelchair entrance.. (something I learned last visit..)

    and pooh you have to go through the line.. (which is cramped and small.. and not safe..)

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