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    Warning about Disney Discs

    Relive the Magic.

    I donít know if anyone has ever heard of this or bought any disks from them but hereís a warning if you havenít.

    We found this site which offers Disney products. We purchased 5 disc back in mid December.

    All Of The Magic Kingdom On DVD (4-Disc Fan DVD Set) @ $12.99
    Walt Disney World Explorer CD-ROM 2nd Edition (Visit WDW Virtually On Your Computer!) @ $49.95

    Mid January we hadnít received anything so sent off an email to which they responded that delivery usually takes 2-7 days, up to 10 days for Canada. So they said they would send it out again. 2 weeks later still nothing and another email sent off. Their response, that it was shipped Jan 27.

    Feb 4th we finally receive part of our order, the Disney World Explorer. A nice cd for the computer which takes you through WDW virtually. Patrickís used to more then I have and seems to think itís pretty good.

    Today Ė Feb 12 we finally receive the MK 4 disc set to which we are glad we only paid $13 for it. What a complete disappointment. I donít know who they got to film it but the guy was making me sick and giving me a headache. I donít think whoever filmed it knew how to zoom out slowly and only zoomed in and out with break neck speed.

    It wasnít until we got to the part that takes you through Mickeyís house in Toontown that we realize just what a crappy film maker this guy was. I have never been inside it and though oh great now I can see what we missed the last time we were there. Well, zoom zoom zoom and out the door he went. You could hardly read the book on the table, the note on the fridge or some cake in the oven (camera boy didnít think they were worth pausing on). He did, however feel it necessary to pause on a vase of out of focus flowers for more then 30 seconds.

    In ďItís a Small WorldĒ capturing every single child regardless of which side or how near/far because lets not forget this guy loves to ZOOM. On regular speed it felt like it was on fast forward.

    Iím sure thereís more head spinning pans from left to right on the other discs but I need to take some Dramamine before I throw up.

    Just a word of warning about Relive the Magic. Save your money on the park discs.
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    Re: Warning about Disney Discs

    Noted, not that I was going to buy them anyways, but I always applaud people speaking out when it comes to bad quality.

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    Re: Warning about Disney Discs

    WDW Explorer CD-ROM was about $10 in stores last I saw... you quite overpaid for that. In fact, I think it was only $29.99 when it was released.

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    Re: Warning about Disney Discs

    Bummer about the discs. Thanks for the warning though.
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