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    Thrifty inns aplenty near Disney World - Frommers, 2/18/07

    Stretch your Magic Kingdom dollars further by staying off-park. The perks? Good prices, pools and free shuttles.

    With vacation season looming, finding ways to cut the cost of a trip to Orlando, Fla., is a concern for many families. Adult tickets to Disney World cost $67 a day, and children's tickets aren't much less.

    And Disney's value-class resorts (the All-Star Sports Resort, the All-Star Movie Resort, etc.) are often booked; they also now cost a minimum of $79 per room per day.

    You can save money at properties away from the theme parks. These acceptable digs cost about $50 a night most of the year. They aren't sumptuous, but their amenities are nearly identical to those at Disney's cheapest hotels.

    In no order, here are seven inexpensive lodgings in Orlando:
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    Re: Thrifty inns aplenty near Disney World - Frommers, 2/18/07

    i have stayed at a few of the hotels listed and there is one drawback, the shuttles leave at specific times and pick up at specific times. so you have to follow their schedules if you don't drive. also it's hard to go back to your room and take a break or during the afternoon summer showers. I would suggest if you stay off property that you consider renting a car. it gives you the freedom you want to see other parks and attractions in orlando.

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    Re: Thrifty inns aplenty near Disney World - Frommers, 2/18/07

    I never stay "on property" anyway (even though the hotels I usually stay at technically are).

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    Re: Thrifty inns aplenty near Disney World - Frommers, 2/18/07

    We either stay at the Rodeway or the Quality Inn Plaza, both I-Drive, every time we go. They are basic, but that's all we want. We only use the rooms to sleep and wash in - we always eat out and unless we just want a day by the pool with a book, we are out of the hotel from 10am until 10pm most days.

    I think a Disney hotel is a lot more special if it is used for a special occasion, rather than as the norm for vacations. Plus, we wouldn't be getting our value for money if we used Disney hotels the way we used I-Drive hotels.

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    Re: Thrifty inns aplenty near Disney World - Frommers, 2/18/07

    For me, staying offiste is a first-night-only kind of thing to be done if I end up getting better airfare that gets me in late the day before my Disney vacation starts. I think of every Disney trip I take as a special occasion, so I stay onsite. Sure, I'm about to stay at Pop Century (a glorified motel) for something like the third time, BUT I'll be onsite, have the advantage of Extra Magic hours, and have a rental car since I'm too impatient to wait 15 minutes for a bus. lol

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