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Thread: I'm on Youtube!

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    Re: I'm on Youtube!

    Quote Originally Posted by ecdlanddude View Post
    I can by no means dance, but you gotta admit that it was pretty close to the dancing in that show to begin with.

    To answer your question BPF, the show was terribly out of place but you're right that I said it brought life to the area. I just wished it was a show that fit the theme instead.

    Thanks for the kind words everybody! I'm going to try and visit the show at DCA this weekend if anyone wants an encore.
    Oh my! That would be hilarious EC!! rain check?

    I was going to ask if that was Colorado Kid with you, but I think that's been covered and I would say you did great for not being able to dance.

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    Re: I'm on Youtube!

    I thoroughly enjoyed your dancing. Thanks for the laughs

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    Re: I'm on Youtube!

    dude, we use to do the same thing over at AK when I was a CP to the Jammin in the Jungle. I still jump at the right point's whenever I hear that song.

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