Ok, so I'm a VERY addicted pin collector, and looking through the website today I see that there are two pins being released at WDW - and only at WDW. I could have placed this in the Pin MiceClub, but thought I'd get a better chance through here.

Would anyone be willing to help me out and buy these pins for me, then I'll send payment (or hopefully some of you are on eBay and can help me out with a private auction in that respect). I know I can probably contact Disney Shopping, but I've heard more bad then good about them.

The two pins I'm looking for are:

1. Spring Break 2007 - Stitch (TBR 03/01/2007)

2. Happy Easter 2007 - Stitch (TBR 03/18/2007)

And I guess if I get no responses I'll have to search eBay for them. Thanks in advance though to anyone who can help me out.