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    Special Birthday Dinner.

    I'm looking for a great place to have dinner. Karen's birthday will fall during our trip next year and I really want to have a really nice dinner where we haven't been yet.

    I'm not just looking for park restaurants. we've eaten at the following that i would consider if we couldn't find anything else that suites my liking.

    Poly's Luau
    Cap'n Jack's
    Planet Hollywood

    I'd like something special

    Thanks for your input
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    Re: Special Birthday Dinner.

    How about California Grill, especially timed during the fireworks.

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    Re: Special Birthday Dinner.


    Nuff said... Close this thread There are no other options....

    Seriously, its a great place, and if you get a later seating you can see the fireworks show at the MK from the restaurant...

    Also, make sure you see guest relations in the MK to get that Birthday Button. This way karen is treated extra special in the park on her birthday.

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    Re: Special Birthday Dinner.

    We were there a few weeks ago, and my husband's birthday fell during the trip. For his special dinner we went to Narcoossee's, which is on the water at the Grand Floridian.

    It's mostly seafood. Extremely good food, but expensive. We got there just in time for the fireworks, for which they dimmed the lights and piped in the music. We had a table right next to a window, and a perfect view of the Electrical Water Pageant, too.

    The shrimp cocktail appetizer is fabulous. We both ordered the surf & turf (filet and lobster tail) and the desserts are heavenly. We shared the cheesecake and the chocolate cake. To DIE for! Excellent service, too, very professional and prompt.

    You're supposed to wear business casual or nicer, and we saw a lot of folks really dressed up. There was a wedding party there, too.

    I've never eaten at the California Grill, but I always love to have a nice dinner at Narcoossee's when I'm there.
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    Re: Special Birthday Dinner.

    I have had the luxery of spending my B-day in the parks and I must say I agree on the California grill. my husband told them it was my birthday when he made reservations and we had the best table for fireworks. We had wonderful wine selections. I feel the wine selection and seasonal selections were better than when we went to victoria and alberts (also nice but very formal and expensive). the price was fairly reasonable so that was also a plus making extras very possible. Make sure you get the reservation during the fireworks because it is so breathtaking with the music playing and the lights dimmed. if you get a table that is not next to a window you can go out on the deck which is also nice. You will have a great birthday at this place for sure!

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    Re: Special Birthday Dinner.

    One year for my birthday my friends took me to Alfredo's at Epcot. Besides the food being really good (of course), I had about 7 Italian waiters come to the table so sing their birthday song (with a cannoli for my dessert!). I loved it!

    However, the funniest part of the night was that there were like 6 other birthdays, so the number of singing waiters kept dwindling, and by the last one, there were only 2-3 waiters singing for that person. They looked incredibly worn out, and you could tell the enthusiasm had waned.

    I think any of the restuarants can be super nice. When you call the Dine Line, you can ask if the particular restuarant you're interested does anything special for birthdays. With some of them, you can order a small cake. In any case, make sure you let them know that you are celebrating a birthday, because the restaurant will get that information when you arrive.

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    Re: Special Birthday Dinner.

    I second Ohaha- we ate there for dd' birthday last year. You can time eating there at fireworks time as well, and it's not as crouded as California Grill (IMO). The tables at CG are very close and it is very loud. Ohana seems more intimate to me. Also then you have the great atmosphere of the Poly to walk around in after.

    You can also order a birthday cake in advance... we are doing this again this year. You have to call 48 hrs in advance, and the bakery telelphone number is 407-560-6784.

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    Re: Special Birthday Dinner.

    Quote Originally Posted by Parisi View Post

    Nuff said... Close this thread There are no other options....

    Also check out Artist Point at Wilderness Lodge. It's very relaxing, and the food is awesome. I suggest the berry cobbler.
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