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    Quote Originally Posted by Planet7
    What's worse, is that they made very poor use of the space that they did have left. There are huge expanses of space in the new ride with absolutely nothing in them. It absolutely reeks of being done "on the cheap".

    I think the original could have been saved, with newer technologies that are available now. I think the biggest problem with the original, was it was just too ahead of its time. It pushed the limits of the technology, and those limits pushed back.

    When I have a bit more time, I'll explain in more detail what went wrong and why.
    yeah I can understand that :\

    it seems with all the advances we're making in robotics technology we should at the very least be able to redo some of these old AA's and mechanical systems much better now were they to go through the trouble of switching out the old mechanics for newer ones

    it might be expensive at first but it'd go much further for the future

    the origional Imagination looks to me like it walked a thin line

    the other editions are either to bland or just insulting (I dont' know that I'll care to ride Imagination when I'm in Epcot in a few years it looks too insulting and kiddy to me now)

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    oK- I finally saw the original attraction. and I have this to ask WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THOSE PEOPLE? That was amazing and wonderful and immersive and WOW- I have yet to watch the entire middle version-

    Bring back the was wonderful!!!

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    Planet7, thanks for the amazing analysis of the changes. I haven't seen either of the new attractions, but the original was one of my favorite Disney attractions ever. It looks like the long tradition of the quality, detailed dark ride is dead (or at least on an extended leave of absence).

    I thought by now we'd be seeing dark rides with incredibly life-like animatronics with awesome special effects and boundary-pushing technologies, as when Pirates and the Mansion were created.

    When they shut down World of Motion, Journey into Imagination, and Horizons (among other things), I lost interest in Epcot. To me, the dark ride is pure Disney entertainment, much like the classic animated film. Looks like both are toast now.

    (Is the Finding Nemo thing in Disneyland going to be dark ride? Either way, I doubt it will feature detailed sets and characters on the order of Pirates.)

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