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    Restaurants & Reservations

    I am proud to say now that I am 131 days away from having a Disney World vacation on August 11-18!! I am extremely excited, staying at the Grand Floridian and looking forward to a great time! I am starting now to plan out the trip with my family. We already have some restaurants in mind, and plan to make reservations for them (character breakfasts, Epcot dinners, etc). However, I am hearing that with this new dining plan people are using, you HAVE to make reservations everywhere! My father believes we can get reservations for some of the Studio restaurants (Scifi/50s cafe) the day we go to the park. It would be nice to not have reservations for the smaller restaurants so we do not feel time pressured. However, I fear that without early reservations now you cannot get seats. What are all your experiences in recent years with the Disney World restaurants? Should we try to make a lot of reservations, or can we be spontaneous on our days at the parks?

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    Re: Restaurants & Reservations

    We had no problem getting lunch reservations at 50's Prime Time the day we went. It was October however, and not August. But it was a Sunday, so not the least busy day.

    I also know some other people made reservations for the BierGarten for quite a big group the day of, but again, that was lunch.

    So I think getting lunch reservations the day of at most places won't be a problem. As for Dinner, you'd better call ahead of time.

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    Re: Restaurants & Reservations

    With the dining plan reservations can fill up quickly. I have had difficulty getting reservations at some of the more popular locations (even at the Disney-MGM Studios), especially during certain times. I would say that you probably still have time but I wouldn't wait until the day of because they might have room - but not for a party the size of your family.

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    Re: Restaurants & Reservations

    if you have your heart set on a place then make the reservations that way you know you have a spot because august is still summer and those reservations go very fast.

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    Re: Restaurants & Reservations

    It's summer.. its busy.. you'll need reservations, especially for a group.

    Anything that is a theme or special meal, you should be making reservations now!

    You can make short term reservations, but with limited selection and you'll be doing a lot of leg work to find something. Same day can only be made in the park, so you can't call the dining line and get reservations for other parks.

    Make up a schedule based on EMH, and what parks you want to be at.. and plan your dinners, and any character meals now. You'll be better off. You can always change them later!

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    Re: Restaurants & Reservations

    Be safe and make reservations. You can always cancell them when you are there.
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    Re: Restaurants & Reservations

    my advice is to only make reservations for Resort restaurants (Ohana, Artist's Point, California Grill for example)

    you mentioned Sci-Fi drive really dont need reservations even if there is a wait, as they have quick turnover.

    There are a few places in the parks that you may want to make reservations for that will obviously be impossible to just walk-in to (ex. Cinderella's Castle)
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