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    Guidebook Suggestions

    So I just got accepted today for the Summer Alumni College Program and I'm pretty excited. One thing that I want to do this summer is explore Orlando. I'm trying to find a guidebook on Orlando that has only a little information about Disney World in it. I spent last summer down there doing the college program, so I feel pretty good about my Disney World knowledge. I also have the Birnbaum guide that I got before last summer. I'd also like to find one with as little info as possible on hotels, since I'll have an apartment.

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    Re: Guidebook Suggestions

    Hey congrats! If I remember correctly, I think Frommers has a decent uide on the Orlando area.
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    Re: Guidebook Suggestions

    Well, I don't know if you can find a guidebook just about hotels...but the "Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World" is a pretty good one. WARNING: It's brutually honest and even a little bit down on Disney, but it does give you the truth about hotels, etc. The Birnbaum guide is useful because it's easy to look things up and the pics are nice, but you don't really get reviews because it is directly endorsed by Disney.

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    Re: Guidebook Suggestions

    As far as a guide book about Orlando (and Forida) goes-my favorites are ones that talk about all of the weird and odd places there are to visit.
    My favorite is Oddball Florida. It includes as description of the place and directions.

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    Re: Guidebook Suggestions

    I would look at the books your library has
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    Re: Guidebook Suggestions

    Start reading the Orlando Sentinel webpage:

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