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    Magic Kingdom's EMH hours changed - 4 days before my trip

    I had my schedule down pat. Knew exactly where I was going each day. Magic Kingdom is my favorite park at WDW. Wednesday night we were going to stay late at MK. Friday morning was going to be our early morning at Magic Kingdom.


    Today, I thankfully get an e-mail from allearsnet. Magic Kingdom's EMH hours have been changed. It is now late at MK on Monday. Early on Wednesday. Late again on Friday.

    Well now I definitely need to redo my entire schedule. Thank goodness, that it doesn't mess up my PS's too badly.

    Just wanted to post this for anyone going to WDW over the summer. Recheck the EMH schedule. It has changed, and it might change the way your itinerary looks.

    Thanks, and happy planning

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    I was under the belief the changes didn't go into effect until July 1st. At least that's what reported ... I would check with WDW.

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    Within 78 miles of WDW...
    They might be chaing july 1.. or now.. depending on the traffic flow.... as in the low season and high season they do magic hours different...

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