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    Re: Swan and Dolphin 3D Models in Google Earth Now

    After all these years of debating over to stay at either the Dolphin or Swan, I decided to go. Reason, just like some mention, you may not have Mickey Mouse soap but it is still a nice hotel. I might add a nice location, especially since I will be going to EPCOT on my visit. I too, plan on a balcony room, watch the fireworks and all the action going on around the broadwalk. Plus my wife gets a discount!

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    Re: Swan and Dolphin 3D Models in Google Earth Now

    Architecturally the buildings are quite nice and different. When the plan to allow these two non-Disney hotels to be built there was a contest to see who had the better design. Michael Eisnet did not want your typical boxes sitting there as was planned by the developer. Michael Graves won the contest and these two hotels were built. BTW - Michael Graves also designed Disney's Burbank HQ with the 7 Dwarves holding the roof up.

    Too bad a design contest wasn't done for a modern "contemporary" building for the DVC addition to the Contemporary Resort. The renderings of that building look like virtually every beach/oceanside hotel or condo complex along the coast of any city that has a waterfront. When viewed from above though, the semi circular shape does represent the letter "c", so I guess Disney liked that idea. But wait, they destroyed the giant hidden Mickey that was at Disney-MGM studios, so maybe they didn't notice the C shape
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    Re: Swan and Dolphin 3D Models in Google Earth Now

    Quote Originally Posted by iPod View Post
    It's a shame that so many people rip on these hotels when as a person who has stayed at each "price range" at least once......had the BEST STAYS at the Dolphin. There may not have been Mickey Mouse soap but the AWESOME cast members made each stay enjoyable and one to remember. Now they were not perfect, but people rag on them without even truly checking them out.

    When you step into the lobby of the Dolpin, it's simply amazing. Everything is laid out just right and the views from a majority of the rooms are pretty hard to beat.

    Give them a chance people!
    I don't think anyone is really saying that they're not nice hotels, just that they don't deserve to be on the list.

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