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    Hidden Mickey pics

    So, how about everyone share some of your hidden mickey pics from WDW?!

    Here are a few of mine from our last trip:

    1. This one is in the HM

    2. Don't know if this is truly a "hidden" Mickey, but this is from one of the gift shop clothing racks.

    3. This one is looks vague, but is definitely there. From the TOT boiler room wall. I gave it a little help in the below pic.

    Post up if ya got 'em!

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    I thought there was a hidden mickey in the boiler room but I haven't been there since 1997. I might have a picture of it somewhere.


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    there are several on TOT, the boiler room is one for sure. I rememer it on the list from the company intranet.

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    Perhaps not so hidden, but these can be found in the main stairwell at the Great Ceremonial House at the Polynesian...

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